Bitejacker: Secret Base Horror Series 01

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Keyboard AND Mouse


Action Arcade Shooter 


Bitejacker Trailer Linkrn Secret Base first official game, Bitejacker is a zombie shooter based on the indie game review show, Bytejacker.rnGet ready for fun, blood and laughter, as you join the host, Anthony Carboni and cameraman, Jon Rivera as face against endless waves of zombies, aliens and monsters, in this bizarre world of zombie apocalypse.rnPick up deadly weapons, hone your skills and look for survivors. Help them, lead them, fight with them. Indie cameos, horror spoof and retro parody, all pack in one.Get ready for Bitejacker: Secret Base Horror Series 01rnGame Controlswasd - movee - actionspace bar - specialleft click - fireP - pauseM - MuternGame FeaturesrnrnGame consist of cameos of other indie games characters, and includes tons of spoof and parody of classic horror films.rnGame includes 2 different characters with different moves and stats to play with.rnUp to 3 chapters of 30 levels, with epic 3 boss battle, each unlocking a full colored comic strip.rnUnique progression element that will keep players playing for hoursrnImplemented with mochicoins, but the full game is fully playable. They can however purchase an addition survival mode, with it's own leaderboard.rnrnMisc. Notesrn- We've been working on our own promos, contest and marketing so far. At the moment, we have downloadable wallpaper, and there will be more variety of freebies to come.rnExposure and supportrn- Facebook : Over 180 followers before the game is even released- Youtube Trailer : Over 13000 views- Kotaku : Trailer feature- Destructoid : Trailer feature- : 3 articles, with a full page write up- Mission in Snowdrift land : Invited to participate- Indie Super Star 1 :Game introduction- Indie Super Star 2 : Developer Interview to be release soon- and more...rnrnGaijinrn1UPrnGamesTrailersrnGame Set WatchrnVG RevolutionrnZomgindiernTK-NationrnTubefilterrnrn 

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